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Bullmoor Farm, Peak District

Replacement dwelling in open countryside

Set on the gentle pastoral slopes of the west side of The Peak District National Park, this cracking plot has fantastic views of the Cheshire Plains to the west as well as The Cloud, a local landmark to the north-east.

We wanted to give the client a new home that would capture these views and protect them from the often harsh elements as well as a building routed in local rural vernacular with a touch of the modern.

The result is a 3,000sq.ft replacement dwelling that we feel captures all of these aspirations and more!

With local sandstone for the two storey element and stone-grey bricks for the rest, combined with wood-tones and a standing seam zinc roof that we feels captures many Peak District building. Combine this will open-plan spaces with sloping pitched roofs over and expanses of glazing and the feeling of modernity is complete.

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