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Blake Road, West Bridgford

New-build suburban infill dwelling

A tricky corner plot provided the back-drop for this highly articulated suburban house.

The new dwelling has been designed to sit well within the street-scape - primarily due to the carefully considered massing, combined with recognisable forms, scale and fenestration, all of which take their cues from the surrounding housing stock.

In addition, by replacing the low-quality open space formed by the endgables of two houses, the house helps to reinforce the attractive character of the area and provides a positive contribution to the street-scape with active frontage on both sides of the building.

The treatment of the articulated facade is underpinned by a considered materials palette of red multi-brick, burnt larch and coloured cementitious boards, designed to provide a playful and interesting accompaniment to the building form.


Geoff Kirby photography

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